Richard Wilkins pays emotional tribute to legendary music promoter Michael ...

Kylie Minogue - 'MICHAEL GUDINSKI - Legend. Legacy. LOVE. A Titan of the music industry. One of a kind and forever family to me. My heart is broken and I can’t believe he’s gone. Irreplaceable and unforgettable, I’ll always love you ‘The Big G’.'

Dannii Minogue -  Michael Gudinski's love and passion for music and family is like no other. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity he gave me to release my first single and album, and the journey that it took me on for so many years. He was always there cheering me on, and I will never forget that. There are so many beautiful moments to cherish spent with Michael and his family, surrounded by music and the joy it brings. The loss will be felt forever, but his legacy will also live on forever

Bruce Springsteen -  'My friend Michael Gudinski was first, last, and always a music man. I've toured the world for the last 50 years and I've never met a better promoter. Michael always spoke with a deep rumbling voice, and the words would spill out so fast that half the time I needed an interpreter. But I could hear him clear as a bell when he would say, "Bruce, I've got you covered." And he always did. He was always loud, always in motion, intentionally (and unintentionally) hilarious, and deeply soulful. He will be remembered by artists, including this one, from all over the world every time they set foot on Australian soil. My deepest condolences to his wife and partner Sue and to the whole Gudinski family, of which he was so proud.' 

Russell Crowe - 'RIP Michael Gudinski. Seems almost impossible. A towering figure on the Australian cultural landscape. I'm not sure we ever agreed on anything, except maybe @edsheeran. Still didn't stop us from being mates for 30 years. I'm going to miss him deeply. My love to his family.'

Richard Wilkins - 'The biggest tree in the forest has fallen. What a devastating loss. Love to Sue,Kate, Matt and all. MG R.I.P. x'

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Jimmy Barnes - 'Today the heart of Australian music was ripped out. I felt it, my family felt it, the music business felt it , the world felt it. Michael Gudinski was not only that heart but he was my friend.'

David Campbell - 'This is truly devastating news. Not just for the music industry which he built nearly single handedly, but for his family, who he adored. A giant.' 

Carrie Bickmore - 'I am so so saddened to hear that Michael Gudinski has passed away. A giant of the music industry and just a great mate to so many of us. He entered every room and every conversation with energy and passion and am thinking of Sue and his family today who he just loved so much.' 

Myf Warhurst - 'Utterly shocked to hear about the death of

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