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He could not play a note but he was as foul-mouthed and audacious as singer Johnny Rotten - John Lydon, now of I'm A Celebrity... fame - often stripping down to his underpants to reveal a skinny torso scarred by self-inflicted knife wounds.

As well as his punk rocker persona - he will be forever remembered for his turbulent romance with girlfriend Nancy Spungen.   

Nancy reportedly bought drugs to meet musicians and became a heroin addict, funding her habit at one time by working as a prostitute.

Later, she moved to England 'specifically to get a Sex Pistol for a boyfriend', recalled a friend. Other contemporaries she came to the UK to chase after Heartbreakers Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan, who had left New York.

Sid Vicious, born John Ritchie, was a fixture of the King's Road punk scene who had been brought in earlier that year to replace original Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock. 

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The couple moved in together in London and Nancy reportedly introduced her boyfriend to heroin. She joined the Sex Pistols on their US tour the following year.  

The band collapsed at the end of the tour and Sid returned to London with Nancy to attempt a solo career.  

By the end of August 1978, they returned to New York to start a new life, but overdoses were taking their toll and they were still dependent on drugs.

They moved into the Chelsea Hotel, which had once been a Mecca for writers and artists - Dylan Thomas, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan had all once lived there - but by the late 1970s, was little more than a sprawling drugs den populated by users.

On October 12, 1978, Nancy was found dead in the bathroom of Room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel, a trail of blood leading to the bed she shared with Vicious, who had bought a hunting knife a few days earlier.

Witnesses who were at a party in

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