LG made a virtual showroom to show off its IFA 2020 lineup

The IFA, one of the the first big in-person tech events happening post-lockdown, will open on September 3rd. It’s an invite-only affair that’s limited to 1,000 people per day, though, which is probably why LG has launched a virtual showroom even though it will be attending as a presenter. (Meanwhile, Samsung is skipping it in favor of a virtual event of its own.) The company has launched a realistic rendering of Messe Berlin’s Hall 18, and you can explore it online like you would an actual showroom.

While LG is displaying various appliances in its virtual space, the stars of the show are its OLED displays. In particular, it’s highlighting an installation called “OLED New Wave” that’s comprised of an array of flexible/rollable screens that the company also presented at CES earlier this year. LG teamed up with Unity Technologies’ Korea office to use the latter’s Unity engine for the creation of interactive content.

The final product is a portal where you can drag the screen around and click on markers to see a device’s specs or to watch a video presentation about it. One of the rooms in the space lets you compare LG’s self-lit displays against conventional LED LCD TVs, while another gives you a way to listen to 3D audio generated by the company’s soundbars and speakers.

LG’s approach seems like a fun way to get people interested in its displays and appliances, which could come across as dull if presented in a typical online press conference. The virtual showroom will remain live throughout September and can be accessed either on a browser or through the LG Virtual Studio mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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