Paraguayan teenager enjoys the fame of being named after Optimus Prime, the ...

A real life superhero: Teenager named Optimus Prime tells how he has been ridiculed for his name but now loves the notoriety it gives him and even has an Autobots tattoo Optimosprayn Ismael Meza was named after Optimus Prime, the famous cartoon character from Transformers His father Victor Meza was a big fan of the show and dreamed of one day naming a son after Optimus Prime  Optimosprayn said he has often been made fun of because of his name  He said one sixth grade teacher kicked him out of class on the first day of school because she thought he was joking

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Published: 18:13 GMT, 15 March 2019 | Updated: 18:13 GMT, 15 March 2019


A teenager from Paraguay has a name which transforms him into a real-life superhero - Optimus Prime. 

Optimosprayn Ismael Meza, 19, which translates from Spanish to Optimus Prime, was named after the character from the Transformers cartoon because his father Victor Meza loved watching the show. 

Optimosprayn said that growing up proved difficult for him as he was often ridiculed and bullied for his name.  

'When I was a kid I was kicked out of class on my first day in sixth grade because the teacher thought I was the class clown,' Optimosprayn told

'She told me that I was lying and that it wasn't my name,' he

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