Female drama teacher Kim Connor 46 groomed schoolgirl 15 kissed and had sex ...

A drama teacher groomed a 'besotted' schoolgirl into having sex, a court heard yesterday, taking her to restaurants and top London shows and even going on holiday together.

The youngster was said to have been 'in thrall' to Kim Connor, 46, who began teaching her at stage school when she was aged just nine.

When she was 14 and struggling with her sexuality, the schoolgirl allegedly went to her house for home tuition, only for Connor to kiss her 'chastely' on the mouth.

Minshull Street Crown Court, pictured, heard Kim Connor, 46, groomed the girl,  who was aged 14 at the time in 2004

Minshull Street Crown Court, pictured, heard Kim Connor, 46, groomed the girl,  who was aged 14 at the time in 2004

She claimed that when she was 15, her parents would let her stay the night with Connor, who she regarded as 'like a big sister'.

But instead her affections progressed to kissing the schoolgirl 'open-mouthed' and touching her intimately over her clothing, a jury was told.

They began sharing a bed, the court heard, and one night Connor opened a safe in her wardrobe which contained sex toys, encouraging them to use them on one another.

She said they would go shopping together, with the teacher insisting that she hid if they spotted any other pupils or their parents.

'I adored her, I idolised her,' she told the jury. 'She made me feel special because I thought she had chosen me.'

The accuser – who cannot be named for legal reasons – claims she was inspired to reveal the abuse which allegedly happened 15 years ago by the #MeToo movement.

However the defence accuse her of being motivated by jealousy after Connor was appointed principal of another stage school, saying the relationship did not start until after the girl turned 18.

Connor began teaching her drama at a private performing arts school in Salford, Greater Manchester, which she attended on Saturday mornings from the age of nine, the trial heard.

She told Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester that the teacher first kissed her on the lips while they were sitting together on the floor in 2004, when she was 14 and Connor was aged 29.

'She leant over me and kissed me, and I kissed her back. I remember thinking 'I've just kissed my teacher'.'

The ex-pupil said Connor became increasingly 'tactile' as she turned 15, stroking her when they greeted one another.

'I was quite bewildered,' she said. 'I went along with it because I had a lot of trust in Kim.'

She told the jury that with her parents busy visiting a terminally relative at a hospice, she would

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