Michael Bloomberg tells supporters they made history 'no matter how many ...

'Enthusiasm they don’t lack': Mike Bloomberg tells cheering supporters they surprised critics 'no matter how many delegates we win tonight' Former New York mayor spoke to supporters in West Palm Beach He spoke after networks already called Virginia, Alabama, and North Carolina for Biden Bloomberg picked up 4 delegates from American Samoa and had a total of 6 when he spoke He has spent hundreds of millions on his bid Bristled at calls for him to get out of the race Tuesday  Event had free beer and wine and catering with mini cheeseburgers  Free buttons, large American flags, and T-shirts in multiple sizes 

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For Dailymail.com In West Palm Beach, Florida

Published: 01:55 GMT, 4 March 2020 | Updated: 01:56 GMT, 4 March 2020


Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg told a crowd of supporters his unlikely campaign had made remarkable gains 'no matter how many delegates we win.'

Speaking in West Palm Beach, where President has his luxury Mar-a-Lago property, Bloomberg attacked the president and made the case for his candidacy on the biggest night of the campaign – after bristling at suggestions he get out of the race.

He spoke after a newly resurgent Joe Biden picked up wins across the South in Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama. Bloomberg, whose spending has topped $400 million, won in American Samoa, on a night when states out West where he has spent heavily on TV had yet to close their polls. 

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