Bear recaptured escaping enclosure and embarking on nine-month 'crime spree' ...

Bear is recaptured after scaling 13ft electrified fence to escape Italian enclosure and embarking on nine-month 'crime spree' stealing honey Papillon the bear, aged 3, escaped from his Trento enclosure last summer  The bear went rogue and raided bee hives, farms, and even approached humans  He has finally been caught by hunters in the mountains of northern of Animal rights groups expressed their fury at the bear's 'cruel' recapture

By Alice Cachia For Mailonline

Published: 08:57 BST, 1 May 2020 | Updated: 08:58 BST, 1 May 2020


A bear who escaped from an enclosure in the Italian Alps and led hunters on a nine-month chase across the country as he committed a catalogue of 'crimes' has been recaptured.  

Three-year-old Papillon - given the name in a nod to the 1973 prison break film - made his miraculous escape from a Trento enclosure last summer by scaling over a 13ft fence charged with 7,000 volts.  

The 23-stone bear spent the following nine months on the run as he continued to evade hunters. 

He damaged bee hives while hunting for honey, shook a caravan with two shepherds inside while trying to empty the bin attached to it, and attacked a herd of cows - only to be scared off by sheep dogs, The Times reported.

WWF Italy pointed out that the bear is a protected species in Italy and described his recapture as a 'defeat for us all'

WWF pointed out that the bear is a protected species in and described his recapture as a 'defeat for us all'

In July last year Maurizio Fugatti, president of Trentino, issued an order to kill Papillion after it was seen close to inhabited areas. 

At the time he said:  'The fact that the bear managed to climb over an electric fence with seven wires at 7,000 volts demonstrates that this specimen is dangerous and a public safety problem.'

But the bear continued to escape capture and after pausing for his winter hibernation, lumbered 350-miles around the northern end of Lake Garda, even managing to cross a motorway. 

Papillon recently

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