Police chief warns officers to stop prancing around in TikTok videos during ...

Police chief warns officers to stop prancing around in daft TikTok videos during coronavirus pandemic - or they could face misconduct charges Dozens of videos of officers performing the latest dances are going up on TikTok Officers have been warned of the trend by police chiefs across the country It is understood that Home Secretary Priti Patel takes a ‘dim view’ of the antics The 'performances' include the 'quarantine canoe' and 'the kick challenge' Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

By Martin Beckford and Glenn Owen For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 22:17 BST, 2 May 2020 | Updated: 00:44 BST, 3 May 2020



Police officers are putting videos of themselves singing and dancing online despite being warned that it sends the wrong message as Britain battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Dozens of officers are filming themselves performing the latest dance crazes and lip-syncing to pop songs on social media, including choreographed routines with colleagues, while wearing full uniform or on duty in stations.

More videos are being posted every day on the popular app TikTok, even though chiefs have warned them it is inappropriate when Britain is in the grip of the deadly Covid-19 outbreak.

ARRESTING SIGHTS: Officers throughout the country are posting videos of themselves dancing online on social media app TikTok

Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, the national lead for digital engagement, has warned forces about the trend. He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘From a National Police Chiefs Council point of view, we’ve been very clear, particularly through Covid, that we’re not encouraging people to take part in dancing, rapping TikTok challenges.’ 

Chief Constable Andy Cooke, of Merseyside Police, said his officers could even face misconduct investigations over the videos.

He said: ‘We have reminded all officers and staff that such behaviour is wholly unprofessional and will not tolerated by the force.

‘As a force, Merseyside Police holds clear policies about standards of behaviour, including the inappropriate use of social media, and anything which breaches these standards would be subject to potential disciplinary proceedings.

‘This is a challenging time for policing. Above all else, we are here to support the NHS and keep policing our communities, many of

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