Coronavirus: UK deaths and cases on Thursday

Another 13 people have died of Covid-19 in England's hospitals but no-one else has died of the illness in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, officials revealed today.

A full round-up of the total number of fatalities — which will include all settings in England and not just hospitals — will be published later by the Department of Health.

Scotland today marks four full weeks without a single death from Covid-19, according to its official government statistics. 

Today's update comes amid confusion over the official number of people who have died of coronavirus after the Government yesterday announced it was revising the count down by 5,000 to include only people who died within 28 days of diagnosis. 

But the Department of Health still published two daily totals - at approximately 42,000 and 46,000 - while a third count will be kept by Public Health England, along with records by statistical bodies in each country and also measures of 'excess' deaths. Totals now range from 41,000 to 57,000.


Department of Health (no cut-off): 46,706 

Department of Health's latest death count for all settings stands at 46,706.

The daily data does not represent how many Covid-19 patients died within the last 24 hours — it is only how many fatalities have been reported and registered with the authorities.

It also only takes into account patients who have ever tested positive for the virus, as opposed to deaths suspected to be down to the coronavirus.

The method came under scrutiny because it meant someone who once had Covid-19 and then recovered would be counted, even if they were hit by a bus or were in a car crash months later. 

Department of Health (28-day cut off): 41,329

If someone died 28 days after testing positive for Covid-19, they wouldn't be classed as a coronavirus death under this measure.  

This means that many victims who recovered and died of unrelated causes are not included.

Public Health England (60-day cut off): 45,038 

This method will count a Covid-19 death as anyone who died with in 60 days of a positive result. It will be published once a week.

It leaves room for those who may have died several weeks after getting infected, considering some patients may be in hospital for a long time before they eventually die of the disease.

However, it also means some people who tested positive for the virus, recovered, and then died a while later of different causes will be picked up.

Public Health England said the 60-day cut off is better than 28 days because some patients suffer long term Covid-19 symptoms after appearing to recover, and cannot be missed out from the tally if they do not die in the immediate month after their diagnosis.  

National statistical bodies: 56,846

Data compiled by the statistical bodies of each of the home nations show 56,846 people died of either confirmed or suspected Covid-19 across the UK by the end of May.

The Office for National Statistics yesterday confirmed that 51,779 people in England and Wales died with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 by July 31.

The number of coronavirus deaths was 854 by the same day in Northern Ireland, according to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

National Records Scotland — which collects statistics north of the border — said 4,213 people had died across the country by June 22.

Their tallies are always 10 days behind the Department of Health (DH) because they wait until as many fatalities as possible for each date have been counted, to avoid having to revise their statistics.

Excess deaths: 65,278

The total number of excess deaths is at least 65,000.

Excess deaths are considered to be a more accurate measure of the number of people killed by the pandemic because they include a broader spectrum of victims.

As well as including people who may have died with Covid-19 without ever being tested, the data also shows how many more people died because their medical treatment was postponed, for example, or who didn't or couldn't get to hospital when they were seriously ill.

Data from England and Wales

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