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Some of the BBC's top comedy shows have faced criticism in recent years over perceived left-wing bias, while BBC comedians have also faced criticism over political comments and jokes.

Last year, comedian Jo Brand made a joke on BBC Radio Four's comedy show Heresy throwing battery acid over 'unpleasant' politicians.

She branded the throwing of milkshakes on politicians such as Nigel Farage as 'pathetic' and added: 'Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?'

She added: 'I'm not going to do it, it's purely a fantasy. But I think milkshakes are pathetic.' 

Her quip, in June last year, was initially defended by the BBC, who later backtracked and admitted Ms Brand had 'gone too far' - while the 63-year-old also apologised.

Regulator Ofcom earlier this year said the star's comments had the 'potential to offend listeners', but it was unlikely to encourage or incite the commission of a crime.

Last year, The BBC pulled an episode of its long-running satirical show Have I Got News For You just minutes before it was due to air over fears it would breach election impartiality rules by having Change UK leader Heidi Allen as a guest.

The programme was removed from the evening schedule because Heidi Allen, of Change UK/The Independent Group, was on the show.

BBC editorial guidelines around election periods do not allow programmes

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