Man is living for FREE in a Long Island house that he doesn't own for nearly ...

The backlog in New York's housing courts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is a another lucky break for a Long Island man, who hasn't paid his mortgage in 23 years, and is likely to continue to live in the house for free - for the time being.

Three different owners have tried to kick Guramrit Hanspal, 52, from the East Meadow home since he was foreclosed upon by Washington Mutual in 2000, but he drowned each of the three owners in legal actions. 

He filed four lawsuits and claimed bankruptcy seven times since he bought the house at 2468 Kenmore St. for $290,000 in 1998. He made only one mortgage payment of $1,602.37 before defaulting, the New York Post reported.  

Each owner - Washington Mutual and Chase banks as well as the the real estate group Diamond Ridge - fought Hanspal in long, arduous legal battles, but he continues to live in the house by leveraging the U.S. Bankruptcy Code's 'automatic stay' rules, which give debtors a temporary reprieve from all collection efforts, harassment and foreclosures.

Diamond Ridge, which offered Hanspal $20,000 to leave when they bought the house from Chase in 2018, has spent $150,000 on legal fees and paid $50,000 in property taxes, member Max Sold told the New York Post.  

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He didn't take the offer. Instead, he filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and 2020. 

'As of this writing [we] still have no known end in sight,' Sold said to the Post, because the COVID-19 pandemic clogged New York's housing courts, keeping them from pursuing their eviction effort.

The house is listed on Zillow with a 'pending status,'

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