Coronavirus: Life in UK will 'feel a lot more normal by the summer', says SAGE ...

Life in Britain will 'feel a lot more normal by the summer' because any third wave will be much smaller and unlikely to overwhelm the NHS, says SAGE adviser 'Professor Lockdown' Neil Ferguson Professor Ferguson said vaccination should keep the country out of lockdown They may even work well enough to squash the predicted autumn/winter wave  He admitted 'we do expect transmission' but future outbreaks will be weaker  UK announced only one more Covid death yesterday, the lowest since August

By Sam Blanchard Deputy Health Editor For Mailonline

Published: 09:12 BST, 4 May 2021 | Updated: 09:12 BST, 4 May 2021


Life in Britain will 'feel a lot more normal by the summer' because the third wave of Covid will be much smaller than previous ones and unlikely to cripple the NHS, Professor Neil Ferguson says.

The SAGE adviser and Imperial College London epidemiologist said today that he expects the vaccine rollout to help keep the UK out of lockdown for good. 

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And even in the autumn and winter, when experts fear the virus will make a comeback like flu, he said the jabs appear to work so well they will hold it at bay.

Professor Ferguson, known as 'Professor Lockdown' because his warnings of a huge death toll in the first wave led Boris Johnson to lock down the country, said the ratio of cases to hospital admissions would be much lower next time around.

He admitted 'we do expect transmission' when society fully reopens in June but suggested vaccination should replace the need for lockdowns and the UK is 'in a very good position' to

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