EUROPEAN wants UK to pay a lot more cash to Brussels leaked programs show


The EU can demand Britain submits to open-ended jurisdiction by Euro judges and feet the bill for moving EUROPEAN agencies out of the nation, it has been revealed.

Leaked documents from the European Commission display the UK must give long term rights at the European Courtroom of Justice (ECJ) for 3 million EU citizens and their particular families settled in Britain, the particular Times reported.  

It come right after Brussels bureaucrats were accused associated with trying to ‘blackmail’ Britain right after leaked secret plans reveal these people want the united kingdom to pay the particular cost of moving EU firms out of the country.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker greets Theresa May at a Brussels summit last year. Secret plans have revealed the Commission  wants the UK to pay to move EU agencies out of the country and to pay its divorce bill in euros

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker greets Theresa May with a Brussels summit last 12 months. Secret plans have revealed the particular Commission  wants the UK to pay for to move EU agencies away of the country and in order to pay its divorce bill within euros

The new move would try to overturn Theresa Mayâs dedication – reported in the Email yesterday – to free The uk through the ECJâs rule.

It boosts the chance of the ECJâs legal system becoming a âred lineâ? within Britainâs negotiations with Brussels.

Sir William Cash, a top Conservative Eurosceptic and chairman from the Commons Western scrutiny committee, said it would certainly be âcompletely impossibleâ? for the particular PM to agree to Brusselsâ? demand.  

The draft negotiating record has revealed the European Percentage is plotting to make The uk pay yet additional money into the particular EU’s coffers.

And they strategy to press the UK in order to pay its ‘divorce bill’ within euros, making certain Britain bears the particular risk of any currency variances.

But the demands were criticized by Tory MP Peter Bone fragments, who said the EU is definitely living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ and should pay back the particular many billions it owes the particular UK.

He told the live24news: ‘We are not giving all of them anything back. They owe all of us money and they ought in order to cough up and stop endeavoring to claim that we owe all of them money.

‘They are living within cloud cuckoo land.

‘They have got robbed the British people associated with a £184 billion since all of us have gone into it, just how dare they suggest that all of us owe the any money.

‘The European Union obviously is the bully and will like in order to try to blackmail people, and the particular way you deal with bullies and blackmailers is stand upward to them. ‘

Mr Bone stated Theresa May is going in order to be ‘even tougher’ on the particular EU bureaucrats than Margaret Thatcher.

The tough negotiating guidelines, attained by the Politico. eu web site, set out tight protections with regard to EU citizens and budgets, because well as European businesses in whose goods are traded in the particular UK.

Tory MP Peter Bone  said the EU is living in cloud cuckoo land and should pay Britain back the billions it owes (file picture)

Tory MEGAPIXEL Peter Bone  said the EUROPEAN is living in cloud cuckoo land and should pay The uk back the billions it owes (file picture)

And they insist that will the European Court of Proper rights must maintain legal jurisdiction more than disputes relating to the adjustment of the withdrawal agreement.

But it is the provisions upon the ‘divorce bill’ which are usually likely to come under the particular spotlight when the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) holds talks in London following week with European Commission Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker.

Their meeting arrives ahead of an April 29 summit in Brussels when the particular remaining 27 members will finalise their negotiating stance.

The set up paper states that the UNITED KINGDOM must ‘honour its share associated with the financing of all of the obligations performed while it was a person in the Union’, including ‘liabilities, dependant liabilities, legal and budgetary commitments’.

And it says: ‘In add-on, the United Kingdom should completely cover the particular costs related in order to the withdrawal process such because the relocation of the firms or other Union bodies. ‘

Brexit will probably mean the UK dropping the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA), which are currently based within London’s Canary Wharf and among them employ around 1, 000 people in Britain.

The Western Council has made clear this wants them transferred to 1 of the 27 remaining associate states, though David Davis’s Division for Exiting the EU was adamant earlier this week that their particular future was still subject in order to negotiations.

Theresa May greets European Parliament president Antonio Tajani at Downing Street today. She is meeting  a string of top representatives from Brussels in the coming weeks

Theresa Might greets European Parliament president Antonio Tajani at Downing Street these days. She actually is meeting  a string associated with top representatives from Brussels within the coming weeks

Mr Juncker provides previously suggested the UK’s separation and divorce bill can come to around £50 billion.

The new negotiating suggestions indicate that Britain

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