Vorbeter saves Finsbury Park terror believe before the arrest


Mohammed Mahmoud has described how he prevented a mob attack on the Finsbury Park terror suspect just moments after he mowed down Muslim worshippers outside a mosque

Mohammed Mahmoud has described just how he prevented a mob strike for the Finsbury Park terror believe just moments after he cut down Muslim worshippers outside the mosque

A hero Imam has defined how he prevented a mafia attack on the Finsbury Park terror suspect just moments after Muslim worshippers were mown down outside the mosque.

Muslim leader Mohammed Mahmoud stepped in when an upset crowd attemptedto ‘kick and punch’ the suspect as he has been being restrained by three guys following the suspected terror strike.

Moments earlier, a white vehicle had ploughed into a team of people away from Muslim Well being House in north London since they left evening prayers.  

Eight were seriously injured and another guy has since died. Police possess arrested a 48-year-old man upon suspicion of attempted murder.

This afternoon, Mr Mahmoud said this individual and a ‘group of brothers’ had managed to ‘extinguish any kind of flames of mob rule’ as people of the public attemptedto harm the alleged terrorist ‘from every single angle’.

He added that, in spite of tensions running high, the believe – who is white — had come away ‘unscathed’ plus remained ‘calm and silent’ when he was arrested by officers.  

He told the BBC: ‘By The lord’s grace we managed to encircle him and to protect your pet from any harm.

‘We ended all types of attack and mistreatment towards him that were arriving from every angle. ‘

Mr Mahmoud said that, while the mayhem unfolded, a police car went past which he and several others was able to flag down.

‘We told them the situation, ‘ he continued. ‘We said “he is restrained, he mowed individuals down with a van, right now there is a mob attempting in order to hurt him, if you avoid take him God forbid this individual might be seriously hurt.

‘We pushed people away from your pet until he was safely used by police into custody plus put in the back associated with the van.

‘It wasn’t myself alone – there was the group of brothers who have been relaxed and collected and was able to relaxed people down and to wash away any flames of anger or even mob rule that would’ve used charge had this group associated with mature brothers not stepped within. ‘

Police confirmed that one individual – an elderly man has been being helped with a group associated with people after collapsing outside the particular mosque – has died. Officials continue to be investigating whether the male’s death was linked to the particular terror attack.

But, today, Mister Mahmoud described how the guy had ‘regained consciousness’ moments prior to the van ploughed into the street.

He also revealed that the particular deceased’s brother was treated regarding injuries in the scene.

He mentioned: ‘The van drove perpendicular in order to Seven Sisters road. It went at a 90 degree position to the direction from the street – it was enough to create some people fly off below the side.

‘It dragged 2 people underneath him – one particular they were worried may be paralysed because he could not really feel his arms and legs. ‘ 

Earlier, the imam was hailed since the ‘hero of the day’ by Toufik Kacimi, chief professional from the Muslim Welfare House, regarding calming the angry crowd.

It is claimed he told all of them: ‘Don’t hit him – a person do not touch him — hand him to the police’. In the time, the suspect has been allegedly shouting:  ‘I want in order to kill all Muslims – I actually did my bit’ before informing crowds: ‘Kill me, kill me’.  

Scotland Yard has since recognized the ‘restraint’ of the packed areas who protected the alleged great before the police arrived in order to arrest him.  

Scotland Yard has praised the 'restraint' of the crowds who restrained and then protected the terror suspect before the police arrived to arrest him

Scotland Yard has praised the ‘restraint’ of the crowds who controlled and then protected the fear suspect before the police showed up to arrest him

Footage shows the alleged driver of the van being arrested at the scene and bundled into a police van - he screamed 'kill me' in the hope witnesses to his Islamophobic attack would seek retribution 

Footage shows the alleged driver associated with the van being arrested from the scene and bundled directly into a police van – this individual screamed ‘kill me’ in the particular hope witnesses to his Islamophobic attack would seek retribution 

This is the moment Finsbury Park Imam Mohammed Mahmoud (pictured centre in white) held down the man accused of launching a terror attack

This is the moment Finsbury Park Vorbeter Mohammed Mahmoud (pictured centre in white) held lower the man accused of starting a terror attack

The group of men pinned the suspect down and urged irate witnesses not to hurt him

The group of men pinned the particular suspect down and urged irate witnesses not to hurt him

The suspect is believed to have used this van rented in Wales as a weapon to try to kill and maim Finsbury Park worshippers

The suspect is thought to have used this van leased in Wales as a tool to try to kill plus maim Finsbury Park worshippers

As this individual spoke to cameras, the vorbeter added the community was keeping calm in the wake associated with the attack.

‘This community associated with ours is mild mannered plus a calm community, not identified for our violence. Our mosques are incredibly peaceful, ‘ he mentioned.  

‘We will do our highest to calm down any stress. But, soon after the incident, individuals were calm, individuals were praying regarding the victims of the strike and everybody knew there has been nothing they could do yet pray on their behalf. ‘

He added that will it had been a ‘tragic and barbaric attack’ while demonstrated that the ‘demonisation’ of the particular Muslim community was ‘succeeding’.  

‘To hear him say “I do my bit” may be evidence that this demonisation of the particular Muslim community by people who desire to divide this city possess succeeded to some extent within influencing the vulnerable to believe we must be eliminated, ‘ he said.

‘We just wish that in times of disaster people come together and combine. ‘  

Adil Rana, 24, who has been outside the mosque once the vehicle drove towards the crowd, noticed blood and ‘people dead for the floor’ in the aftermath.

He told the Press Association: ‘The van was driving towards all of us to basically hit us from speed and everyone was stunned and people were screaming. Generally there were people on the ground. ‘

Mr Rana, from Walthamstow, mentioned the driver occured on the particular ground by some of the particular crowd after getting out the particular vehicle.

He said: ‘The operater jumped out and then this individual was pinned down to the particular floor and individuals were punching your pet and beating him, which has been reasonable because of what your dog is done.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu praised the restraint shown by those who held him down

Metropolitan Law enforcement Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu praised the restraint shown simply by those who held him down

‘And then the imam of the particular mosque actually came out plus said ‘Don’t hit him, hands him over to the authorities, pin number him down’. ‘

Mr Rana mentioned the driver gestured and laughed at the crowds as he has been removed by police.

He additional: ‘When he got arrested, this individual was taunting, saying ‘I’d perform it again, I’d do this again’. ‘

Eyewitness Abdul Rahman informed the BBC said the whitened van driver clearly said this individual wanted to ‘kill all Muslims’.

Mr Rahman, hit him then helped pin him down.

He said: ‘When the guy arrived from his van he wished to escape, run away and this individual was saying: ‘I want in order to kill Muslims. I would like to kill Muslims’.

‘I hit him on their stomach and then me as well as the other guys, we held your pet to the ground until this individual couldn’t move. We stopped your pet till the police came. ‘

Eyewitness Hussain Ali, 28, said that, whilst being restrained, the man has been protected by the people this individual is thought to have already been targeting.

He said: ‘The head of the mosque said ‘You do not touch him’. He or she was sitting and holding your pet like that, people kept keeping him.

‘All the police plus helicopters came after around 8 minutes. ‘

Mr Ali described the particular horrifying scene unfolding outside the particular Islamic centre in north Greater london early on Monday morning.

‘All I heard was obviously a banging, after that I turned and saw all of the shouting and running.

‘I saw people taking a guy from underneath the van, this individual was black, bleeding, he has been not dead, he was in existence.

‘There was a man within a wheelchair, a man beneath the van, it was terrible.

‘People who were inside noticed the attacker was smiling, this individual was waving, he was content.

‘It was panic, individuals were yelling, screaming, some saying it had been a good accident.

‘It was panic, it had been horror. ‘  

The injured are carried from the scene by police and paramedics - one is dead and ten are injured

The wounded are carried from the picture by police and paramedics — the first is dead and ten are usually injured

The suspect, smiled, waved and blew kisses after his arrest in an attempt to rile crowds, it has been claimed

The suspect, smiled, waved and blew kisses right after his arrest in an try to rile crowds, it is often claimed

Shocking: This is the moment the Finsbury Park mosque terror suspect was filmed blowing a kiss minutes after he mowed down a crowd and said: 'I want to kill all Muslims - I did my bit'

Shocking: This is the particular moment the Finsbury Park mosque terror suspect was filmed throwing out a kiss minutes after this individual mowed down a crowd plus said: ‘I want to destroy all Muslims – I do my bit’

Scotland Yard has these days thanked them for detaining your pet.

Toufik Kacimi, chief executive from the Muslim Welfare House, said the neighborhood community was ‘horrified’ by the particular incident and appealed for relaxed.

He also thanked Imam Prophet Mahmoud ‘whose bravery and bravery helped calm the immediate circumstance following the incident and prevented more injuries and potential loss associated with life’.

‘We have worked really hard over decades to develop the peaceful and tolerant community right here in Finsbury Park and we all totally condemn any act associated with hate that tries to generate our wonderful community apart, ‘ Mr Kacimi said.

‘We would certainly appeal for calm at this particular time. It is unhelpful regarding there to be speculation regarding the incident. All of the efforts should be towards obtaining justice for the victims plus ensuring our community stays the particular diverse, tolerant and welcome location we all know it to be. ‘

He added: ‘An old man offers passed away, what for? Exactly what did he do? He has been just coming out of praying, a good gentleman going home right after prayers and he is strike and killed by a vehicle – what did he perform? Why? Why?

‘The guy, this individual came out and said ‘You deserve, I did my little bit, you deserve it’ and this individual was shouting and screaming harassing language – what for? Exactly what did he do, this guy? He or she is an innocent man’.   

Mr Kacimi said the Muslim Well being House had met with law enforcement, the council and Labour head Jeremy Corbyn, who is MEGAPIXEL for Islington North, in the particular wake of the incident.

He added: ‘I would like in order to particularly thank our Imam Prophet Mahmoud, whose bravery and bravery helped calm the immediate circumstance following the incident and prevented more injuries and potential loss associated with life. ‘  

One man has died and a tent is over the spot where he was ran down - police are trying to investigate if he died as a result of the attack or whether he had collapsed because of the heat beforehand

One guy has died and a camping tent is over the spot in which he was ran down – law enforcement are trying to investigate in the event that he died as a outcome of the attack or whether or not he had collapsed because associated with the heat beforehand

Police have compensated tribute to the men which held him down after the attack on a group of worshippers near a mosque by the man within a white van.

One man died after the fear suspect, described as a substantial whitened man, targeted people close to the Finsbury Park Mosque in north Greater london early on Monday.  

Metropolitan Law enforcement Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: ‘This is being handled being a terrorist attack. ‘

He additional: ‘I would like to give thanks to those people who helped law enforcement in detaining the man plus worked with officers to steadly and quickly get him directly into our custody.

‘Their restraint within the circumstances was commendable’.  

Three months of horror: Exactly how Britain continues to be rocked by fear attacks as well as a devastating fire

March 22 – Westminster Link attack

Lone terrorist Khalid Masood, 52, sped along Westminster Bridge, eliminating four pedestrians before stabbing COMPUTER Keith Palmer, 48, to demise outside the Houses of Parliament. Masood died in hospital right after being shot by armed law enforcement.


Masood died in hospital after being shot by armed police

Khalid Masood, 52 (left) killed five people on the crazed rampage along Westminster Bridge. He has been shot by police (right)

May 22 – Manchester Arena bombing

Suicide bomber Salman Abedi, 22, detonated the nail bomb, killing 22, which includes children as young as 8, and injuring 120 music followers leaving an Ariana Grande live concert in Manchester.


Police at the Manchester Arena

Salman Abedi, 22 (left) detonated a nail explosive device, killing 22, including children as early as eight, and injuring 120 songs fans leaving an Ariana Importante concert in Mancheste

April 27 — Man arrested with bag associated with knives in Westminster

Just five several weeks after the Westminster Bridge fear attack, a suspect was jailed having a ‘rucksack full of knives’ near Parliament Square after becoming tracked with an intricate web associated with CCTV cameras by police plus MI5.

On May 9,  Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 27, through north London, was charged along with three crimes in relation in order to incidents in England and Afghanistan and dating back as considerably as 2012.  

Ali faces one particular count of preparation of terrorists acts, with the intention associated with committing acts of terrorism. He or she has also been charged along with two offences under the Forceful Substance Act 1883, relating in order to activity in Afghanistan in 2012.

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