In case you missed it, here's what happened in Montreal on Dec. 1

In case you missed it, here's what happened in Montreal on Dec. 1
In case you missed it, here's what happened in Montreal on Dec. 1

“The law will force women to be on welfare or be dependent on their husbands,” Warda Naili says of Bill 62. “This, in 2017. It’s anti-feminist.” Ryan Remiorz / THE CANADIAN PRESS

A look at the day’s events in and around Montreal:

Quebec’s new face-covering law fails first legal challenge

In a decision delivered on Friday, Quebec Superior Court Justice Babak Barin agreed with a request, from Marie-Michelle Lacoste, a Muslim woman who wears a veil, for a temporary suspension of the section of the law that requires an uncovered face when giving or receiving public services. The decision is an interim one and is applicable until the Quebec government establishes a more permanent section of the legislation that was recently adopted in the National Assembly. The more permanent section is supposed to be in place no later than July 2018. 

Valérie Plante supports ‘Bonjour,’ but won’t say if ‘Hi’ should be dropped

Montreal’s mayor gingerly ventured into the delicate “Bonjour-Hi” debate Friday, but did not give clear answers when asked if she would tell merchants to drop English when addressing customers. But a borough mayor in her party says the issue has been overblown and store workers shouldn’t be told not to say “Hi.” Speaking to reporters, Plante was asked about the Parti Québecois motion unanimously passed by the National Assembly Thursday, asking merchants to greet clients with “Bonjour” instead of “Bonjour-Hi,” a common greeting in Montreal stores. “As far as I know on our taxis it says ‘Bonjour,’ there is no ‘Hi,’ so we will have nothing to change there,” she said in response to the first of several questions. She added: “I’m very proud to be the mayor of North America’s francophone metropolis. For us, the French fact is there and we’re very proud of it.”Daniel Caron explains part of the cave system just discovered in St-Léonard.

Daniel Caron explains part of the cave system just discovered in St-Léonard. Pierre Obendrauf / Montreal Gazette

Caves dating back more than 15,000 years discovered in St-Léonard

Spelunkers have discovered caves that are more than 15,000 years old beneath a park in Montreal’s St-Léonard borough. The newly revealed caves are part of an underground cavern that was discovered in St-Léonard in the early 1800s, and which has been open to the public since the 1980s. In October, explorations around the cavern found new underground galleries extending for about 200 metres. They are about six metres high and three metres wide with vault ceilings of solid rock. The galleries have been unobserved since their formation more than 15,000 years ago, the explorers said.9999-city-xmas-lights-5100.jpg?quality=5

Sami Hajjar, 24, has lit up his family home in Montreal with 100,000 Christmas lights and Frozen characters. Dave Sidaway / Montreal Gazette

One Montreal man’s 100,000-bulb campaign to create the best Christmas display

With 100,000 lights strobing to the tunes Jingle Bells and Let It Go and the characters from the movie Frozen adorning the front lawn of his parent’s castle-like home, led by Queen Elsa perched on the balcony, Sami Hajjar has created what he hopes is Montreal’s most elaborate Christmas lights display. Hajjar, 24, has always been a bit of a Christmas-lights nut. Now he’s hoping his trip last summer to Nashville, Tenn., plus his decision to turf the Minions, will elevate him into the big leagues of holiday-lights stardom. He estimates he has spent $50,000 to date this year on his display. It includes 700 extension cords. His hydro bills shouldn’t be too high, he said, because LED lights take far less energy.

Michelle Obama to speak in Montreal on Feb. 5

If the Montreal Board of Trade was wondering how to top bringing former United States president Barack Obama to Montreal last summer for a speaking engagement, they weren’t stumped for long. Michelle Obama, the former U.S. first lady and a highly sought after speaker in her own right, will be in Montreal as part of the Bell International Leaders Series on Feb. 5, the Board announced Friday. “By her convictions, her determination and her social involvement, Michelle Obama personifies women’s leadership, the will to change things and a model for young people here and around the world,” Board president Michel Leblanc said in a statement.  



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