Donald PRESSURES Germany to spend more on military and BUY American

Donald is pressuring Germany to buy the F35 plane (Image: GETTY)

Berlin has been assessing its options for modernising the German military, and in particular the F-35 as a replacement for its Tornado fighter jets.

But their final decision may not come down to the military capabilities of the aircraft, as political pressure mounts from the US.

Christian Mölling, deputy director at the German Council on Foreign Relations, commented on the issue, stating: “If it was just technical, this Tornado replacement programme would not be an issue.

“But right now, everything is political between Germany and the United States.”

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The US is reportedly seeking to get Germany to buy American military equipment.

Johnny Michael, a spokesman for the US Defence Department, told Defence News: “The US government is actively engaged with the German Ministry of Defence to identify the requirements for its Tornado replacement programme.

“The German Tornado replacement programme is a sovereign national decision.

“We believe that a

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