Android WARNING: Malware spread from Google Play Store can SPY on you #Android

Android smartphone users are being warned about a spying strain of malware that was spread via the Google Play Store.

Android fans are being warned about the “extremely powerful” Triout spyware that was found on an app listed on the Google Play Store.

The Triout malware gathers records of every call a user of the Google mobile OS makes, logs of SMS messages and every picture or video a victim takes.

It can also capture GPS co-ordinates of an Android user and then send these sensitive details to an attacker-controlled command-and-control server.

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The malware was uncovered by cybersecurity experts Bitdefender and was found on an app that appeared on the Google Play Store.

The nefarious software was discovered on an Android app called ‘Sex Game’ which was available in the Google Play Store in 2016.

It has since been removed from the official Android portal for apps.

Speaking to Threatpost, Bitdefender senior e-threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu said: “I personally think [what] we are looking at is an alpha build of a bigger, more potent espionage tool.”

AndroidAndroid warning - Smartphone users put on alert about spying malware strain (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY)

He added: “While this Trojan is extremely powerful and has the ability to record and upload phone calls, as well as use cameras and make its way into the Play Store, its code was left completely unobfuscated.”

Botezatu went on to explain that he believes the Triout malware is meant to be used in highly targeted attacks.

One possible use of such sensitive information stolen from individuals is blackmail.

AndroidAndroid smartphone fans have been put on alert about the Triout malware (Image: GETTY)

Botezatu said: “We believe that this is a highly targeted attack against a limited set of people, most of

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