#Neighbours Piper Willis star exposes Cassius ending and it's NOT what you think

Next week, Neighbours viewers will see explosive scenes as Cassius (played by Joe Davidson) is arrested for killing his father.

Although Channel 5  viewers have known Cassius’ secret for several weeks, the residents of Ramsay Street have been non the wiser to his murderous side.

However, as a few characters begin to doubt the killer’s true identity, Piper (Mavournee Hazel) will be the one to get the murderous confession.

Heartbroken after her ex-boyfriend Tyler Brennan (Travis Burns) was jailed for the murder originally, Mavournee has teased a slightly different reaction this time around.

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Speaking about the upcoming scenes to Express.co.uk, Mavournee revealed Piper’s defensive nature comes to a head as she tries to prove the doubters wrong.

Mavournee said: “Bea [Nilsson] and Ned [Willis] and Terese [Willis] are all pointing out these huge red flags to Piper and Piper’s kind of defending his [Cassius] actions and defending him.

“She’s doing it from a place of how she defended Tyler [Brennan] in the past but it’s different to that. I feel she is in denial and defensive about Cassius purely out of a place of protection,” she continued.

However, the actress admitted there is doubt in Piper’s mind about Cassius: “She can see the outcome of her relationship with Cassius and she doesn’t want it to go there.

“She doesn’t want to be hurt again,” Mavournee said.

As history repeats itself before her eyes, Piper takes a stronger stance as she confronts her boyfriend over his lies and betrayal.

Neighbours spoilers: Piper Willis' surprise reaction to Cassius GradyNeighbours spoilers: Piper Willis star exposes Cassius Grady ending and it's NOT what you think (Image: Channel 5)

Neighbours spoilers: Cassius Grady arrestedNeighbours spoilers: Cassius Grady arrested after he confesses murder to Piper

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