Emmanuel Macron claims Europe could DISINTEGRATE in SHOCK rant - 'Its like ...

Emmanuel Macron“Europe is facing a risk; that of dismemberment through nationalist leprosy" (Image: GETTY )

Mr Macron made the provocative comments during an interview with French newspaper Quest France.

He claimed: “Europe is facing a risk; that of dismemberment through nationalist leprosy and being pushed over by external powers.

“In a Europe that is divided by fears, nationalist assertion and the consequences of the economic crisis, we see almost methodically the re-articulation of everything that dominated the life of Europe from post-World War One to the 1929 crisis.”

In 1929 a run on the New York stock market pushed the world into economic and political turmoil, laying the ground for the rise of fascism in parts of Europe.

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Controversially Mr Macron argued European sovereignty is being damaged by a reliance on Donald ’s America for its security.

He listed “having its security dependent on American choices and changes” as one of the main threats to European sovereignty along with Russian interference and growing Chinese influence within its energy markets.

Mr Macron noted his concern over the announcement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that

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