What is UK state pension age and will it rise again? Experts have issued a ...

While some retirees will have a private pension, the state pension is available for many people to claim from the UK government.

However, pensioners are not automatically eligible to claim for the latter type of pension - as they must reach state pension age first.

This age is due to rise - meaning that for some Britons, they won’t be able to retire as soon as they expected. What's more, following a recent warning from economists, the state pension age could see its increase for longer than initially expected.

It came as global experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have now warned called for changes to the system, as they recognised that with people living longer, they may not be able to call time on their working life for quite some time.

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So, what is the current UK state pension age?

State pension age depends on when you were born, so it’s worth using this government tool in order to find out.

In order to calculate your state pension age, you’ll need to provide your date of birth, as well as your sex.

Will the UK state pension age rise?

The state pension age used to vary between whether you were a man or woman, as well as the date of your birth.

However, on

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