Labour's Barry Gardiner ADMITS 2nd Brexit referendum bid is EMBARRASSING on BBC ...

qtBarry Gardiner MP admits fight for second referendum is embarrassing (Image: BBC QUESTION TIME)

Mr Gardiner was asked by host Fiona Bruce about how Labour have now said they want a second referendum. She said: “Labour has now come round to the idea of a second referendum. But you said last year, a second referendum undermines the whole principle of democracy. It’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? given where you are now.”

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Mr Gardiner’s response: “The straight answer is, yes, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked me this question.”

Ms Bruce then pointed out he had admitted the change in decision was embarrassing to which the audience applauded.

He continued: “I now believe we have to do this. If you look at our manifesto we initially said we would do everything we can to stop a no deal.

“We said that would be disastrous because of that if we do end up with a second referendum I still believe that does undermine trust in democracy in this country.

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