#NCIS season 17: Will Bishop and Torres FINALLY get together?

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Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) are a couple that many NCIS fans are ‘shipping’, but so far there has been no signs of them having a relationship. NCIS season 17, however, could change this if a hint in the latest series finale is anything to go by. CBS and FOX will air NCIS season 17 this autumn, meaning fans will soon know if Bishop and Torres will get together.

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Will Bishop and Torres have a relationship?

The NCIS showrunners seem to be subtly suggesting that Bishop and Torres will get together in season 17.

The finale of season 16 of the CBS show gave NCIS fans one of the biggest hints yet that the pair could soon share a romance.

In that episode, Bishop, Torres and Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) watch as Fornell (Joe Spano) rages at the drug dealers who hospitalised his daughter.

Kasie then points out that Torres would “feel the same” if Bishop was hospitalised.


ellie bishop and nick torres on ncisEllie Bishop and Nick Torres may finally have a relationship in NCIS season 17 (Image: CBS)

ellick ncis'Ellick' previously pretended to be a couple on NCIS (Image: CBS)

This suggests that Torres has such strong feelings toward Bishop that he sees her as a daughter - or maybe something else.

This scene seems to suggest that the two may soon make their feelings known and the couple may become the next Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and Tony

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