MH370 found? Investigators discover ‘precise’ new search area for missing plane

MH370 newsMH370 news: An independent group have theorised a new search area of manageable size (Image: GETTY)

The mystery behind the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has baffled investigators who have searched 25,000 square kilometres (9,700 square miles) in the Indian Ocean. But an independent group have theorised a new search area of manageable size and one with a reasonable chance of success. The study led by aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey aided by fellow independent group member Victor Iannello has examined hundreds of flight paths to come up with alternative coordinates.

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The study noted the scientists scanned the Southern Indian Ocean for possible MH370 flight paths using a degree of precision they believe had not been applied previously.

They said: “The goal was to find all possible MH370 flight routes that fit the data within appropriate tolerances.

“Additionally, the data would be checked using a set of correlations.”

The scientists used satellite data assuming the flight was without a pilot after it completed its turn south.

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MH370 newsMH370 news: The study has examined hundreds of flight paths (Image: GETTY)

They looked at seven parameters: start time, latitude and longitude, flight level, lateral navigation method, initial bearing and speed

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