Egypt mystery: Why ‘strange find’ in ‘highly haunted’ tomb left ...

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Also known as Khenu, this fifth dynasty official was a direct employee of either the pharaoh Menkauhor or Djedkare, just before the reign of Unas. His secret tomb was discovered in 1940 almost immediately to the south of the causeway leading to Unas’ broken pyramid in Saqqara. After side-stepping a number of false doors, researchers finally gained access to the tomb, where they were able to learn much more about this man who served between 2500BC and 2350BC.

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Egypt researcher Ryan Woodside revealed during his Amazon Prime show “Egypt Through the Ages” how they discovered Irukaptah was the head butcher at the time.

The 2018 series revealed: “This is a very special tomb, so come look – it’s such full colour. 

“And all these statues of him represent him at different stages in his life.

Irukaptah was the head butcher in the fifth dynasty.

The tomb was dedicated to the Fifth Dynasty butcherThe tomb is dedicated to the Fifth Dynasty butcher (Image: AMAZON)

EgyptThe team headed into the secret tomb (Image: AMAZON)

he strange thing is the meat smell is still there

Curtis Woodside

“What’s really interesting is he was buried – and the Egyptians did this quite a lot – alongside things he needed in the afterlife.

“As Irokata was the butcher, he was buried with hoards of raw

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