Iran crisis: Tehran's Revolutionary Guard hoist flag over seized oil tanker in ...

Steno Impero was the British flagged ship taken by Revolutionary Guards special forces as the diplomatic crisis between the nations continues to roll on. Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has claimed HMS Montrose, a warship sent by the Royal Navy to protect British shipping, was one hour away from the vessel when the incident occurred. The Department of Transport have claimed the oil tankers was in Omani waters when it was seized before being re-routed by Revolutionary Guard special forces and produced naval charts to support this claim.

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The British Government described the incident, a response to the seizure of Panamanian flagged Grace I in Gibraltar, as “illegal” and wrote in a letter sent to the UN Security Council: "Current tensions are extremely concerning, and our priority is to de-escalate. We do not seek confrontation with Iran. But it is unacceptable and highly escalatory to threaten shipping going about its legitimate business through internationally recognised transit corridors."

Britain is one of the permanent members of the security council alongside another fierce critic of Tehran in the US.

However, two Iranian allies, China and Russia join France as the other permanent members.

The current non-permanent members, whose terms end either this years or next year are Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Peru, Poland and South Africa.

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iran newsAn Iranian flag has been seen hoisted above a seized British oil tanker (Image: PRESS TV)

Saudi Arabia has long been in a tense relationship with Tehran and Adel Ajuebeir, the Foreign Affairs

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