Queen revelation: How Her Majesty regrets two events in her reign more than any ...

The Queen's record-breaking reign has lasted for 67 years so far. Her Majesty has seen both triumph and tragedy for the UK and the Royal Family over the decades, however the Queen’s personal feelings about events are seldom made clear. However, the monarch has two regrets about her response to two major tragedies for the nation, according to a royal author. 

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Penny Junor, in her 2005 book “The Firm”, takes a look at two heartbreaking events that continue to be a source of regret for the monarch. 

Ms Junor writes: “The Queen is said to regret her delay in visiting Aberfan in 1966, recognising in hindsight that it was a mistake not to be there immediately to comfort the grieving and express her sorrow.”

The Aberfan disaster of 1966 occurred when a colliery spoil tip collapsed, engulfing the local junior school and killing 116 children and 28 adults. 

Ms Junor continues: “I suspect she regrets her instincts during that week after Diana’s death, too.

Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince PhilipQueen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visit Aberfan after the disaster in 1966 (Image: Getty)

“Her first thoughts were for her grandchildren, and for once she put family before duty.

“It was a mistake, however, to let the nation believe that neither she nor any other member of the Royal Family cared about the tragedy that had pole-axed the nation. 

“She misjudged it.

“Shut away in Balmoral she was insulated from the real world; she couldn’t feel the raw emotion that those in the streets could feel, particularly in London around the palaces where tributes, flowers and teddy bears were being piled high. 

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