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dan walkerDan Walker is a BBC Breakfast presenter (Image: Dan Walker Twitter)

Voxpop is a term which comes from the Latin vox populi which literally translates as “voice of the people”, and voxpops are when journalists et short interviews with members of the public. BBC Archive shared the voxpop on Monday afternoon, which marked the 42nd anniversary of its’ airing on The Viewer’s View. They induced the tweet as: “This woman was likely approached for a snappy voxpop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.”

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The woman began by explaining: “People from my background, you know, very poor East End people, we couldn’t afford a motor car, out of the question.

“Refrigerator was an unnecessary luxury.

“Television was like the eight wonder of the world, for a few pounds perhaps a month, we were able to obtain a 12 inch and of course, in those days, it was a sort of social status.”

She went onto add it was able to act as a sort of glue for her family.

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BBC archiveDan shared a 42 year old voxpop (Image: BBC Archive Twitter)

The interviewee explained: “But

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