#TheWalkingDead Rick Grimes to return in the main show?

The Walking Dead showrunners have already announced the next series will begin with yet another time jump, fans have once again been left with a number of questions.

Although the time will only be a few months as opposed to the six year jump seen in the previous outing, the storyline has become increasingly complex over the past few seasons.

With another spin-off on the way and its timeframe still to be confirmed, fans are wondering if they will be filled in on the time they missed, and more importantly, if Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) will make his way back.

However, they may not be in the dark forever as showrunner Scott Gimple spoke out about the hit's jumping timelines.

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Speaking to Digital Spy at San Diego Comic-con, the showrunner said that resolving the show’s confusing timeline is “certainly possible”.

Scott said: "Right now, we're trying to get that on its narrative feet before any crossovers happen... but it's certainly possible deep in the future."

"There's some interesting aspects of when that [new show] occurs, as well.

“We have different things happening at different times in The Walking Dead world.

“At one point, we might all catch up with each other, but [right now] we're telling different sides of the story."

While it isn't on the cards just yet, another time jump could signify the return of previously existing characters which will meet up with the Alexandrians, namely Rick.

Although the complex timeline won’t be coming together anytime soon, there is no reason to believe the show’s new spin-off won’t cross into these timeframes.

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