Princess Haya's very special connection with the Queen:

Princess Haya, 45, married Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, 70, in 2004 and is the most “junior” of his six wives. As the half-sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan, Princess Haya is royal in her own right and her marriage to Sheikh Mohammed further cemented her status within the UAE elite. The Jordanian princess and Queen Elizabeth II share this very special connection.

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Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

While the UAE royals may seem worlds apart from the British monarch, they are united by a shared passion.

Before she married Sheikh Mohammed, Princess Haya was a celebrated equestrian.

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Princess Haya newsPrincess Haya news: The special relationship Dubai Princess has with the Queen (Image: GETTY)

The princess rode for Jordan in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is two-time president of the international governing body of equestrian sports (FEI).

Like Queen Elizabeth II, both Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya own racehorses.

Sheikh Mohammed founded the family-owned Godolphin racing stable as well as thoroughbred breeding operation, Darley.

Princess Haya has some racehorses of her own, independent to the Godolphin stud - they race under her name HRH Princess Haya Of Jordan.

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Princess Haya newsPrincess Haya news: Princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum are both race horse owners (Image: GETTY)

Princess Haya newsPrincess Haya news: The princess was a regular at Royal Ascot (Image: GETTY)

In an interview about horses on her official website Princess Haya says: “My horses were originally part of my late father’s private stables of riding horses, and when I began to compete internationally in 1994 he created ‘Team Harmony’, a string of International Jumping Horses - mainly Holsteins, some Dutch Warmbloods, and two Thoroughbreds - for me to compete with in Europe.

“Since the sad passing away of my father, the original horses are now

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