theory: Dumbledore used a TIME TURNER to arrive at THIS event ...

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Dumbledore was the key mentor for throughout JK Rowling’s novels and films. But what if he used a time-turner at a key point to get The Boy Who Lived out of serious trouble? That’s what Reddit theorist lifecraze reckons the Hogwarts headmaster did in and the Order of the Phoenix. Fans will remember Harry was put on trial at the start of the book and film for discharging his Patronus to defeat a Dementor – but did Dumbledore travel back in time to get the hearing?

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The theorist writes: “Just something I thought was interesting. In Book 5, Harry is on trial at the Ministry of Magic for discharging his Patronus at Dementors while he is with Dudley (which we later learned was a planned attack by Dolores Umbridge).

“When the trial begins, Dumbledore shows up unannounced to defend Harry to the surprise of Cornelius Fudge (and Harry alike).

“Fudge makes a remark that they had changed the time and moved the location of the trial, to which Dumbledore says (not verbatim, mind you) that he had ‘by some luck arrived at the Ministry three hours early’.

“My theory is that Dumbledore actually was on time to where he thought Harry's trial was but missed the hearing completely (seeing as it can be assumed that Fudge had the trial moved to some courtroom that was almost never used or was very far away from

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