Avengers Endgame: Kevin Feige reveals THIS scene leaves him in TEARS every time

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The Marvel epic had a number of tear-jerkers throughout and now Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has revealed which scene makes him cry every time. You might expect it to be one of the deaths, but no. Speaking at EMPIRE’s Avengers Endgame Q&A screening in London on Thursday evening, the producer admitted it was the portals scene near the film’s end. Fans will, of course, remember this as the moment that the resurrected superheroes join Captain America in an Avengers battle charge, after appearing through Doctor Strange’s portals.

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Feige said: “Almost every version, starting with the still green screen, just actors running down a green ramp version of the portal return, got me. Every time, every time.”

“More so than any of the deaths. At some point I know they're not dead, the actors aren't dead, it's not real.

“That moment of almost joy of them all returning.

“And then with me, it goes even deeper because

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