Royals under fire: After Farage’s outburst, Diana’s former aide launches ...

The Royal Family have yet again come under fire for their lavish lifestyles after Princess Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson warned them to steer clear of “Del Boy tendencies”. He said lessons must be learned after he claimed Sarah Ferguson used a royal cypher to write an invoice to Hong Kong tycoon Dr Johnny Hon.

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The Duchess of York had charged Dr Hon £200,000 for “marketing and promotion”.

In a comment piece for the Mail Online, he used the claim to highlight how the royals swim in a sea of money to ensure they make the most of “reasonable perks for their lives of service.”

He said: “For the rest of the Windsor clan, the evidence suggests a continuing dependence on a more tangible reward for the rigours of royal life. Money.

“Money is the sea in which royalty swim: for most of them, it’s all they’ve ever known, just as they know they have to keep it rolling in.

royal familyThe Royal Family have come under fire by Patrick Jephson (Image: GETTY PA WIRES)

royal family newsRoyal Family news: Princess Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson sent a warning to the royals (Image: PA)

“So let’s hope the rest of them forgive their cousins’ Del Boy tendencies, and heed the warning for themselves.

“Who better than Harry and Meghan’s friend Jay-Z to spell out the perils for them: ‘Money and power don’t change you. They just further expose your true self.’”

He said for the outside world, a “charitable element” would be built in to the deal so the royal could earn thousand.

Mr Jephson said: “Yachts, jets, private islands; it’s a long and mouth-watering list of goodies - ‘benefits in kind’ might be the taxman’s definition - which some less scrupulous Windsors perhaps think are reasonable perks for their lives of service.

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Royal Family newsRoyal Family news: Patrick Jephson warned royals to steer clear from 'Del Boy tendencies' (Image: PA)

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“It helps presentationally if there’s a charitable element built into the deal.

"For the super-wealthy, there’s an irresistible appeal about some of the stuff that we’re told isn’t for sale: respectability, good press, royal invitations. 

“Except a lot of it certainly is for sale. It’s well known

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