Asteroid danger: NASA detect killer space rock that could trigger chaos on ...

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asteroidsA stock illustration of meteorites slamming into a city (Image: GETTY)

1998 OR2 has a diameter of 2.5 miles and will according to the Centre for Near Earth Object Studies is set to fly past Earth at 9.56am on April 29. Though it is currently expected to be 3.9 million miles from Earth, as reported by International Business Times, a collision can still occur due to mitigating factors. The first is the Yarkovsky effect in which heat exerted from an internal object such as the Sun can alter the spin of an asteroid and force it into a deadly collision course with Earth.

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1998 OR2 could also potentially pass through a gravitational keyhole in which the gravitational pull of our planet is strong enough to nudge the asteroid into making an impact.

The diameter of the asteroid is as long as New York’s Central Park and could cover a slice of London running from Covent Garden to the northern edges of Islington.

Though data suggests an impact in the next century is unlikely, NASA

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