Asteroid terror: NASA concern as huge space rock discovered days ago hurtles ...

The space rock 2019 QY5 was discovered just two days ago and is hurtling towards Earth for the first time ever. However, the rock will reportedly pass by Earth safely later on today.

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A recent report from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) categorises the celestial body as a near-Earth object (NEO).

The objects are either comets or asteroids that orbit between 91 million and 121 million miles from the sun, according to NASA.

NEOs can venture as far as 30 million miles from the Earth’s orbit.

They can go as close to Earth’s surface as a few times the distance of the moon – or closer.

asteroid-news-latest-updateAsteroid news: 134-foot space rock is hurtling towards Earth (Image: GETTY)

asteroid-news-latestThe asteroid 2019 QY5 was discovered just two days ago (Image: GETTY)

After analysing the asteroid, JPL classified the rock as an Amor-type asteroid.

Unlike Apollo and Aten asteroids, Amor asteroids follow an orbital path that allows them to safely approach Earth without crossing into the planet’s orbit.

NASA also explained that Aten and Apollo asteroids can actually cross the Earth’s orbit as they circle the sun.

According to NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid could be 59 foot in diameter and more than 134 foot across.

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asteroid-news-updateThe space rock is not one of the largest NEOs to hurtle past Earth (Image: GETTY)

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The space rock is not one of the largest NEOs to hurtle past Earth but is still big compared to some of Earth’s more recent visitors.

Asteroid 2019 QY5 is nearly four times bigger than the 34-foot asteroid that skimmed past Earth on August

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