Brexiteer snaps at Tory rebel in furious rant on how to perfectly stop Remainer ...

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BREXITEER Nigel Evans took aim at expelled Tory Rebel Antoinette Sandbach as he argued a general election would be the way to prevent further Remainer meddling into Brexit.

PUBLISHED: 22:53, Fri, Sep 6, 2019 | UPDATED: 22:53, Fri, Sep 6, 2019

Tory MP Nigel Evans broke into an enraged rant at the fact that the Tory government had still failed to uphold the referendum result due to Remainer interference. He noted that with a general election he trusts the public to give clear instructions on what they want following the three years since the initial vote. While on Any Questions Mr Evans also clashed with expelled Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach as she accused him of voting down Theresa May’s deal three times.

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On the topic of a general election, he said: “As I said with about 20 permutations we will see what happens on Monday night with the fixed term Parliament act.

“But it does seem rather strange, I know it has been referred to as a coup.

“But it is a very British coup when you have got a British Prime Minister actually offering the leader of the opposition a general election on October 15.

“He’s trusting the people then to deliver what verdict they want.

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Brexit no deal general electionNigel Evans insisted he trusted the people to decide what should happen with Brexit (Image: BBC)

Boris johnson no deal getty updateBoris Johnson insisted he didn't want a general election but argued it was now necessary (Image: Getty)

“If it is Jeremy Corbyn he can go to Brussels and he can ask for either revocation of Article 50 or an extension.

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