’Playboy’ Prince William was ‘happiest during his student years’ when ...

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Prince William young and nowPrince William: Young ’playboy’ was ‘happiest during his student years’ (Image: GETTY)

Prince William was educated at private schools - no surprise for a hugely privileged young man.

His education was paid for from the time he began nursery school.

Attending Eton, like his brother Prince Harry, he got an A, a C and a B in his A Levels.

He was admitted to the University of St Andrews.

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Prince William: Young ’playboy’ was ‘happiest during his student years’

This is where he met his future wife Kate Middleton, but it is not the only thing he did there. William played water polo and studied first History of Art, then Geography.

And according to an expert, this was the happiest time of Prince William’s life, a far cry from Prince Charles' experience at university.

Judi James said: “Although Charles had intellectual pretentious his poses at uni tended to make him look rather solitary and a bit of a dreamer and he was often known to be more comfortable in the company of older, more serious role-models than his peers.

“His eyes had already acquired that rather sad a doleful expression, suggesting he was his destiny as something sobering and troubling.”

The now-Duke of Cambridge however seemed much more at easy during his university days.

In fact, this is the time he felt most happy, according to the expert.

William and KatePrince William: He met his wife Kate and university, according to reports (Image: GETTY)

Prince William's family treePrince William: Family tree reveals royal heritage (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Prince William at graduationPrince William: He was admitted to the University of St Andrews (Image: GETTY)

Judi said: “William on the other hand probably looked happiest and his most confident during his student years, with his poses suggesting he was a popular

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