Brexit salvation: EU regulations damage development of cancer cure says shock ...

The report, written by Professors Keith Lewis and Angus Dalgleish argues that rules from Brussels are putting “unreasonable burdens” on smaller drug licensing companies. These rules, therefore, stop new treatments from being developed to treat the disease.

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Professor Lewis teaches oncology at the University of London whilst Professor Dalgleish is director of Scionvis, a science and technology consultancy.

The report, titled ‘Let’s Embrace World-Class Scientific Collaboration’, also argued British science and innovation will continue to thrive post-Brexit.

Currently, much of UK regulation relating to medicines is made in Brussels via EU directives.

The report said: “Patients suffer from directives.

Brexit newsEU directives harm the development of new cancer drugs according to a report (Image: GETTY)

Brexit news"“Patients suffer from directives" (Image: GETTY)

“The clinical trial directive was put forward in the spirit of harmonisation but was, in fact, a mechanism to make trials so horrendously expensive that only big pharma could afford to get their products registered.

“This conveniently made it extremely difficult for smaller companies and generics to complete.

“Unfortunately, at a stroke, this killed clinical academic research into innovative treatments that could be applied rapidly to the clinic.

“Even if a clinical trial can be mounted and is successful to the point where there is no reason to prevent licensing a non-toxic agent that increases pancreatic cancer survival, the EU mechanism demands another randomised study on a scale that is commercially unaffordable.”

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Brexit news"This killed clinical academic research into innovative treatments" (Image: GETTY)

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