Could your car insurance be invalidated today?

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Car insurance firms may not pay out because adding a football sticker to a vehicle could make your car more of a target for criminal damage, according to a study from Auto Express and British Insurers Brokers’ Association. The sticker could be deemed a political statement which they say adds risk to vehicles from an insurer's perspective. Adding a sticker could also be deemed as modifying a car which can invalidate a policy if a driver fails to inform providers. Car stickers can also land you in trouble with the law if officials deem the logo to be distracting to a driver's view of the road.

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Modifications can be deemed as simple as adding features that were not part of the vehicle when it was first supplied to a customer.

Even factory-fitted features could be deemed as being modifications to a car as this could make a vehicle more attractive to thieves.

Football stickers are available at a cheap price online and around stadiums and fans often stick these on to show their love for a club.

AutoExpress has urged drivers to not put stickers on their car which could make their vehicle a target for vandals.

They say drivers should keep their opinions to themselves in fear of causing damage to a car from supporters who do not agree with their tastes.

car insurance football invalidateCar Insurance: Drivers could have their insurance policy invalidated right now (Image: Getty)

car insurance football invalidateCar Insurance: Football stickers could cause aggression towards a car

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