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Reese Witherspoon teases incredible reunion for long-awaited Legally Blonde 3

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Reese Witherspoon, who is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight, secured her place in the legendary chick flick hall of fame by playing sorority girl turned aspiring lawyer Elle Woods in 2001’s Legally Blonde. Two years later, Elle returned in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, ready to take on Washington DC in a bid to pass a bill banning animal testing, sparked by a search for her beloved Chihuahua Bruiser’s birth mother finding her being held in a lab.

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Now, Witherspoon has teased details about the potential third movie in an interview with ET.

When it comes to which of her fellow cast mates could come back for the sequel, she had a heavyweight list in mind.

"I love Jennifer Coolidge and Luke Wilson and Selma Blair and so there's so many great characters that people love," she said.

“If we end up doing it, hopefully they end up all being there.”


Reese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde starReese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde star teased hints about the third movie (Image: MGM)

Reese Witherspoon: Legally BlondeReese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde star said she wanted Selma Blair back in the cast (Image: MGM)

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However, Witherspoon was careful to warn fans Legally Blonde wasn’t yet a definite.

“It's just a development project right now, so we'll see,” she warned.

But at least, if Elle does come back to the silver screen, she could be accompanied by some of the films’ best-loved characters.

In the ‘00s, Blair played Elle’s original nemesis Vivian, the studious girl who had stolen her former fiancé Warner (played by Matthew Davis) when he decided he needed a more serious lawyer-type.

Reese Witherspoon: Legally BlondeReese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde 3 could see the return of Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette

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