Cars to be fitted with alcohol detector and speed limiters by 2022

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The European Council has rubber stamped plans for improved safety measures after the European Parliament passed them in March. The Government has said road safety standards in the UK will be similar to EU rules after the country has left the bloc. From mid-2022 all new cars will have to be fitted with the features and from May 2024 all existing models will have to be updated. 

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Among the improvements are systems to warn the driver if they show signs of drowsiness or if there is something that needs their attention. 

Those caught behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol will have a breathalyser installed in their motor to ensure they cannot start the engine until they have proved they are sober. 

Known as “alcohol ignition interlock devices”, the features are attached to dashboards and connected to the engine. 

If the breath sample proves the driver is over the limit they will be blocked from tying again for a period of time. 

eu-rules-road-brexitDrivers in EU members states will soon have breathalysers fitted if they have driven while drunk (Image: GETTY)

alcohol ignition interlock devicesAn alcohol ignition interlock device does not let the driver start the engine until a clean sample has been provided (Image: GETTY)

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The equipment are already in use in Australia, the US and Canada. 

A special chip can alert police if a person has tried to disconnect the interlock. 

An anti-speeding device will pick up the speed limit using GPS and if a driver exceeds it the car will

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