Hundreds of sharks ‘fill their stomachs’ in brutal ‘once in decade’ ...

The feeding frenzy was caught on camera during David Attenborough’s new series “Seven Worlds, One Planet”. For the fourth episode of his BBC series, the 93-year-old gave an insight into Australia, where he revealed some of the most unique and dangerous animals of the nation. More specifically, Sir David headed to the Ningaloo coral reef, located on the coast of Western Australia, where he revealed a rare event had taken place. 

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He said: “Here, in the crystal clear sunlit water, just a metre or two beneath the surface, life proliferates, coral grows into reefs in these shallow seas. 

“This is Ningaloo, today one of the richest anywhere in the world. 

“Thousands of species of fish and all kinds of other organisms thrive in these coral cities and have attracted the most ancient of living predators – sharks. 

“They were around 200 million years before the dinosaurs, they are fast and agile, well able to pick off the small reef fish. 

The onslaught took place on the Australian coastThe onslaught took place on the Australian coast (Image: GETTY/BBC)

David Attenborough's new series is on BBC iPlayer nowDavid Attenborough's new series is on BBC iPlayer now (Image: GETTY)

They work together and each shark fills its stomach

David Attenborough

“But they come here for bigger rewards, these are fish from the open ocean and every so often they swim over the reef.” 

Sir David revealed the cunning plan of the sharks, which turn out in their hundreds to line their stomachs. 

He added: “The small fish swirl to make it harder for a hunter to single out a particular target. 

“But the sharks aren’t trying to catch them individually. 

“They are driving them closer to the shore, penning them against the

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