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#BBCBreakfast host Louise Minchin corrects Jess Phillips over Labour error as ...

Louise Minchin, 51, and her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker, 42, were joined by Jess Phillips, 38, as the Labour leadership election begins today. However, despite running for the coveted role, it seems the politician got her facts a little muddled during her interview as one presenter of the BBC news show had to step in and correct her, leading her to make an apology.

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Phillips is just one of six figures within the Labour Party making a bid to take over the leadership from current head, Jeremy Corbyn, 70.

The result won’t be announced until April, however, the contest is already heating up with the contenders stating what they would do to revive the opposition.

Speaking with Minchin specifically, the politician addressed what she thinks needs to be done to change things up.

Although, it seems the presenter was on the ball as she called out her guest over an inaccuracy she made.

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Louise Minchin corrects Jess PhillipsLouise Minchin corrects Jess Phillips over Labour error: ‘You haven't won since 2005' (Image: BBC)

Jess PhillipsJess Phillips spoke about what she would do differently for the Labour Party (Image: BBC)

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After explaining what she would bring to the contest, Minchin asked Phillips: “It’s interesting hearing you speak, is that a real break from the past do you think? Is that what needs to happen?”

The politician made her error when she replied: “I think if you look at or past, we haven’t lost an election since 2015 and my son was born that year.

“He’s now 14 years old. So, if we don’t think we need to have a break from the past, then we’re just going to keep on repeating it.”

Unaware of the inaccuracy she made, the guest continued: “I think the Labour Party falls much more victim than other political parties of obsessing over errors in our past, rather than…usually we win when the country is calling out for a big change for the future.”

Louise Minchin correct Jess PhillipsLouise Minchin corrected Jess Phillips about

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