Mean-spirited Remainers continue to deepen division in Britain with hashtag ...

Thousands mocked Brexit-backing Britons for their “embarrassing celebrations” last night and the hashtag ‘thick’ began trending on Twitter. The insulting hashtag first emerged after videos circulated of Brexiteers outlining why they voted to Leave the European Union. One woman was heavily mocked for mistakenly saying “our courts will have the right to say what goes on - instead of Germany”, when the European Court of Justice is based in Luxembourg. But the trending hashtag soon spiralled into a barrage of ugly insults aimed at Leave Voters, which will do nothing to aid the national divide Remainers accuse Brexit of triggering.

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Last night the BBC aired several interviews with Britons celebrating Brexit Day and one clip, of two women attending the bash at Parliament Square, started to be widely shared on social media.

The video, of east Londoners Stacey and Tracey, showed the pair explaining why they were so happy Britain was leaving the EU on Friday night.

The clip was then shared on Twitter under #thick, as people mocked the two women for their “brainless response” as one woman mistakenly said the European Court was based in Germany.

One person wrote: “Ok so Brussels is in Germany now. There should be a law against #thick people voting and ruining a whole country!

brexit thick twitterBrexiteers have been branded 'thick' on Twitter (Image: BBC)

Brexit news bbc brexit coverageThe hashtag emerged after a video of two Brexit supporters started to be mocked (Image: BBC)

“Can’t wait for all these people to realise how f****d they will be next year while the rich Brexiteers laugh at them. YOU WILL NOT BENEFIT FROM BREXIT.”

Ironically the arrogant Twitter user was also wrong, as the European Court is based in Luxembourg.

Other videos of Leave voters soon emerged under the hashtag, as people continued to mock their pro-Brexit comments.

One person said: “So many clips circulating of Brexiteers outlining why they left and why they’re happy. #thick is the perfect word to describe them.

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brexit news bbc interviewThe woman on the left said the European Courts were based in Germany - and not Luxembourg (Image: BBC)

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“At least it finally puts to bed the North-South argument. Clearly Northerners are the epitome of brainless.”

Another person said: “Not as dismayed as I am to see the

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