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Doctor Who has seen huge success since its revival back in 2005, leading to spin-off series including post-watershed venture Torchwood. The popular spin-off show's most famous character is Captain Jack Harkness, (played by John Barrowman) who was back on the main show last weekend. However, he revealed he was glad to "finally have a showrunner who appreciates Jack”. 

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The latest season of the alien-inspired epic is well underway as show-writer Chris Chibnall has revelled in bringing old faces back to the franchise. 

BBC viewers were left stunned after last weekend's episode as Captain Jack Harkness made a surprise return to the series. 

Speaking to the Radio Times after last weekend’s episode John Barrowman, who plays Jack, confessed he would’ve returned at “the drop of a hat”. 

Asked whether he felt vindicated, he replied: “I wouldn't say vindication is the word. I'd say that I'm glad. 

“I’m glad that finally, we have somebody, a show-runner who appreciates Jack,” he noted. 

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doctor who bbcDoctor Who: John Barrowman takes swipe after return 'Somebody appreciates Captain Jack'  (Image: BBC)

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John continued: “And that's what makes me the most chuffed. Chris [Chibnall] is, shall we say, bringing back some of the well-loved characters.

“I wouldn't say vindication is the word because you know me, I'm not negative. But put it this way - there's a little grin on my face!”

Fans were delighted to see the iconic character back on screen as it’s something many had called for prior to his return. 

John added: “Well I've always said, if I'm ever asked I will do it at the drop of a hat.

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