BBC's Laura Kuenssberg's Brexit 'prophecy of doom' completely dismissed by ...

BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg's question to Boris Johnson on the future of Brexit Britain, should the UK fail to reach a trade deal with the EU, was dismissed by the Prime Minister as "prophecy of doom".

PUBLISHED: 12:30, Mon, Feb 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 12:31, Mon, Feb 3, 2020

Speaking in Greenwich, south-east London, on Monday, the Prime Minister outlined his bullish plan to allow the UK to be the superman of free trade across the world as he reminded the EU his red lines for the upcoming Brexit trade negotiations with the Brussels bloc. At the end of his speech, Boris Johnson was asked by BBC's Laura Kuenssberg to acknowledge that failing to reach a trade agreement with the EU would put UK businesses at risk, following the Prime Minister's promise to end all rules alignment with the EU by the end of the year. 

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Ms Kuenssberg asked: “You keep saying that you have a deal but the deal that you did was a divorce deal.

“You do not yet have a long term deal with the EU. If it is a choice between no comprehensive deal or sticking to EU rules, you suggested you would rather have no comprehensive deal.

“But do you accept that that might have significant cost for jobs, businesses and people’s prosperity, as well as the benefits that you claim there might be?”

But the Prime Minister dismissed the premise of the BBC editor's question as "prophecies of doom".

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bbc news laura kuenssberg brexit boris johnson uk eu trade dealBBC News: Laura Kunessberg's Brexit question dismissed as 'prophecy of doom' by Boris Johnson (Image: BBC•SKY)

boris johnson brexit uk eu trade deal greenwichBoris Johnson says UK is ready to be the champion of free trade (Image: SKY)

He said: “As I said earlier on, we’ve got a deal, it’s a great deal and we’re out.

“When I hear prophecies of doom, I’ve heard them before, I don’t believe in them.

“This is a fantastically robust and dynamic economy and will continue to be so.”

During his speech, the Prime Minister said the UK would seek a Canada-style free trade agreement with the EU.

"We want a comprehensive free trade agreement similar to Canada's, but in the unlikely event

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