These simple tips can slash your energy bills by 10 percent #PropertyNews

ENERGY bills are not cheap and many Britons will look for tips on how to save money. An expert revealed the top five ways to cut the cost of bills by 10 percent.

PUBLISHED: 13:39, Mon, Feb 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:54, Mon, Feb 3, 2020

Energy bills are something homeowners need to pay each month. During winter, the cost of these soars and there are some things that can help cut costs. Making a few small changes will help Britons save money on bills, an expert revealed.

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Energy bills can cost a huge amount of money, but experts at boiler manufacturers, Worcester Bosch, revealed five ways to cut the fee.

Take control of heating

Adding a thermostat and programmer into a room can stop energy waste and slash bills by around 10 percent, Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, explained.

He said: “If you’re wondering about the most efficient way to heat your home, it’s best to tailor it to your lifestyle.

“That may mean keeping your heating on a low setting throughout the day to maintain the same temperature if you’re in the house.

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Property UK: Energy bills cheap dealsProperty UK: Energy bills can set homeowners back a lot of money (Image: GETTY)

Property UK: Energy bills cheap dealsProperty UK: There are a things homeowners can do to save money on bills (Image: GETTY)

“If you’re out at work, only turn it on or up when needed – perhaps 30 minutes or so before you return home.”

Stop heat escaping

Martin said: “As well as avoiding heat escaping, it’s also important to allow natural heat in.

“Ensure you open any curtains on the south side of the house during the day, as this will increase the solar gain into the house.

“At night, ensure they’re all closed properly to keep out the cold.”

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