Weather warning: 24 HOUR heatwaves to hit Europe and America by the of end the ...

HOT WEATHER and 24-hour heatwaves will be four to eight times more likely by the end of the century, according to an astonishing new study.

PUBLISHED: 12:48, Wed, Feb 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:05, Wed, Feb 12, 2020

Climate scientists in China have warned the relentless heatwaves will scorch the Northern Hemisphere even if global warming is held at bay. A study published in the journal Nature Communications on Tuesday outlined the threat of so-called compound hot extremes.


The weather study reads: “It is well known that hot extremes, during the hottest season in particular, have adverse societal and environmental impacts.

“In a warming climate, increasingly frequent and intense hot extremes have reported globally with strong evidence pointing to a large contribution from anthropogenic warming.”

Compound hot extremes are 24-hour-long periods of scorching weather that last through the day and the night.

The compound heatwaves threaten “severe damage” and are a risk to health because the body is not given a chance to cool down at night.

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Weather warning: Heatwave across EuropeWeather warning: Heatwaves will become more likely in the Northern Hemisphere (Image: GETTY/JUN WANG

Weather warning: Heatwave maps for Europe and USWeather warning: Climate change will increase the frequency of compound heat waves (Image: JU WANG

Met Office weather warnings MAP: Storm Dennis to wreak havoc across UK

According to the Chinese study, the release of greenhouse gases in the northern hemisphere has made freak weather events more likely.

Past weather trends show an uptick in the frequency and intensity of compound hot extremes between 1960 and 2012.

Climate change and global warming threaten to further escalate the conditions by the end of the current century.

The study said: “At the end of the 21st century, uncurbed greenhouse gases emissions would make three-quarters of summer days typical of today’s compound hot extremes, leading to several-fold growth in population exposure to them.”

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