Russia demands UK hands #FalklandIslands to Argentina - ‘Colonialism is over!’

In a dramatic intervention set to breathe life into the country’s bitter war of words with the UK over the future of the islands, Russian ambassador Dmitry Feoktistov said Moscow will “always support” Argentina in its bid to prise the Falkland Islands away from Britain. Argentina uses Islas Malvinas - the Spanish name for the British overseas territory - which it claims sovereignty over despite nearly 200 years of UK control.

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Speaking at a reception to pay respects to the fallen soldiers in the Falklands War in 1982, Mr Feoktistov said: "In Russia we have the commemoration of the Immortal Regiment on Victory Day, when people go out with portraits of their loved ones who died in the war.

“In Argentina we commemorate it in St. Martin Square, we march to the Monument of the Fallen in Malvinas and many Argentines join us on this date.

“This time it is the other way around: the Russians join you to honour the memory of the fallen in the Malvinas Islands."

Falkland islandsFalkland Islands fury has erupted after Russia ordered the UK to hand the terrirtory to Argentina (Image: GETTY)

"I want to tell all veterans and Argentines that Russia has always been and will always be with you.

“We will always support you in everything and especially in the sovereignty issue over the Malvinas as we have always done in the United Nations.

"The time of colonialism has passed and the English must return the Malvinas Islands to Argentina.

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Governor Gustavo Melella, Mayor or Argentinian city Rio Grandea said, for his part, that "the ambassador's message moved us deeply."

Governor Melella responded: “The ambassador's message moved us deeply.


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