PETA sparks fury after exploiting #Coronavirus crisis for 'inaccurate' campaign

The animal rights organised was ridiculed after it posted on Twitter: “Carnivorous is an anagram of coronavirus. Coincidence? We think NOT! “Scientists have a hunch that contact with live animals or their dead flesh may be the source of the deadly virus.”

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But thousands of disgusted Twitter users, including vegans, hit back accusing the organisation for sending “inaccurate” and “stupid” messages.

One person wrote: “As a vegan, I do not approve of this absolutely idiotic message.”

Another said: “I wish there was an option to report this.

coronavirusCoronavirus latest news: PETA has been slammed after it suggested eating meat is linked to the virus (Image: GETTY )

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. Yet another reason nobody takes you seriously as an organisation any more.”

One furious Twitter user said: “I support you PETA but this is totally inaccurate and stupid.”

Another posted: “In Portuguese, ‘Peta’ means ‘Lie’ Coincidence?”

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One critic simply posted: “You guys are a joke.

And another fumed: “Imagine using a deadly disease to preach about your cause I hope the person running this account gets the coronavirus.

On its website, PETA suggests the

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