#TheMaskedSinger fans spot Walk of Fame clue to 'expose' Taco

The Masked Singer has kept the judges, viewers in the USA, and the studio audience all guessing so far during season three. This week saw the legendary Dionne Warwick being unmasked as Mouse, leaving everyone watching completely stunned. There are still three members of group B to be unmasked, and things are getting really tough for the panellist judges, especially when it comes to Taco.

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One of the biggest mysteries in the show is that of Taco's true identity.

Taco has given a huge amount of clues over his time on The Masked Singer so far, but nobody has guessed who he is just yet.

While it was originally believed to be Ted Danson, this theory seems to have been debunked since then.

Now, following the unmasking of Dionne Warwick, fans have figured out a clue which was dropped weeks ago may have spoiled Taco’s identity for them.

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The Masked Singer FOX taco jenny mccarthyThe Masked Singer FOX: Taco could be a star after all (Image: FOX)

The Masked Singer FOX tacoThe Masked Singer FOX: Taco has been belting out the tunes since the show began (Image: FOX)

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Show fan and Reddit user Isotope-001 recently posted their theory, saying: “The Taco - Practically confirmed. It's not Tim Allen, or Tom Hanks, or William Shatner. Why?

“Because in the show contestant credentials, they listed three Walk of Fame stars.”

The fan then listed the currently outed celebrities who have said stars, announcing: “Drew Carey, Chaka Khan, and now, Dionne

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